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Expert Repairs and Restoration

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London has over 65 years experience.  Our workshop is based in heart of the London's jewellery hub, Hatton Garden.

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London specialises in restoration of Antique jewellery.

Diamonds are forever, but as you may know jewellery doesn't always stay perfect and can sometimes break. Do not despair that’s when we can help. If you’re looking for any type of jewellery repair, we are the highly skilled jewellery repair experts that you can rely on.

At Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London, our years of experience and high capabilities allow us to offer a fully comprehensive range of jewellery services.  These include repairs and restorations that most jewellers would consider impossible.  No repair is impossible for us.

We repair ALL types of jewellery. Whatever your specific requirements, our expert team are here to help you repair your jewellery pieces. Everything that is needed for your damaged or broken jewellery is carried out in our jewellery workshop by professional repairers.  We do not send your jewellery piece off to anyone else for repair.

Most jewellery repairs are taken to jewellery shops and is carried out by individuals with not as much as experience as us.  Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London is not a jewellery shop.  We operate a well equipped workshop dedicated to jewellery repair and restoration of Antique jewellery – it’s what we do best. We have a wealth of experience and can repair jewellery that others don’t have the expertise for.  What’s more, it’s better value and better quality of work than going to your local jewellery shop. 

We offer a fast and quality ring repair service, ring fixing & ring re-sizing service with Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London.

We appreciate and value that each piece of jewellery has a story behind it.  With the many years experience we understand how precious family heirlooms are when passed through generations, and the level of investment behind designer jewellery and precious pieces.  Therefore you can rest assured your treasured and valued jewellery is in safe and experienced hands when you pass to us for repair.

What you can expect from Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London:

  • All jewellery repairs including ring sizing, bracelet repairs, replacing and setting missing precious stones or diamonds and restringing necklaces.
  • Very fast turnaround which means most repairs are returned to you within a week. However if new stones need to be ordered, this may take approximately two weeks. We can advise further on this once we have more information from you.
  • We guarantee all repair work for one year.
  • You can count on us to carry out repairs that other jewellers won't attempt and we take pride in our high quality work and repair service.
  • All customers have peace of mind that we take care of your treasured jewellery and promise to return it to you beautifully restored and repaired.

If you have discovered that you've lost a stone from your ring - do not despair.  We can source and fit you any stone required.  Any stone from diamonds to sapphires, rubies to emeralds, we’ll endeavour to source the best priced stone and provide a perfect match. 

Jewellery repairs services with Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London include:

  • Ring Resizing and Repairing 
  • Precious Stone Repair 
  • Precious Stone Setting 
  • Diamond Repair
  • Platinum Repair
  • Ring Shank Repair
  • Ring Remounting
  • Ring Repolishing
  • Antique Pocket Case, Watch Case Repair (reblocking)
  • Gold Plating
  • Black Rhodium Plating
  • Rhodium Plating

Our Services


Repair and Restore Antique Jewellery

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London

 We specialise in antique jewellery and can restore items including Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Georgian, and Victorian jewellery with our master craftman who has more than 65 years experience.

Ring Repair , Ring restoring, Antique ring repairs with Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London.


Jewellery Watch Repairs And Restoration London Will Give A Second Life To Jewellery

As you know jewellery can occasionally suffer from ageing, wear and tear or even accidental damage. 

At Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London we can repair, refurbish and alter all types of jewellery and make your jewellery look new again. 

Whether you need a simple ring resizing or a complete redesign no job is too big for us.  

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London will restore your most precious jewellery possessions to be as good as new.  

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London services include steam cleaning, sizing, polishing, rhodium plating, stone identification and sourcing, stone replacement and re-cutting, claw re-tipping, fitting of new full or half shanks, chain and bracelet repair.


Replacement Of Diamonds And Precious Stones

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London has 65 years experience of mounting any type of precious and semi-precious stones.

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London carry out the following diamond and precious stone services:

Repairing different stone settings – Prong-set, pave, flush, channel or bezel-set

Replacing diamonds and precious stones – Any size including old cut diamonds

Checking for loose stones - this avoids prongs wearing away

Re-cutting of diamonds - this can ensure a stone fits in the setting 

Stone polishing - this will ensure the stone will have a brilliant shine

Plating and Polishing


Plating Services

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London is one of the leading jewellery plating and polishing companies. 

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London has created wearable beauty for diverse and extensive customers, honouring those special times in their lives through amazing creativity and technical achievement.  

Individualised custom designs are complemented by a unique collection of designer, diamond and coloured or gold treasure jewellery, enabling Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London to assist discerning customers in finding or producing the perfect recognition or gift.

We have been involved with delivering plated semi-precious (silver, brass and copper) and precious metal coatings, including all types of gold for many years.  Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London provides customised plating services for the jewellery trade, general public, students and the craft people.

At Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London, we take great pride in ourselves on our capability to deliver industry-best plating to fit any needs, from residential to manufacturing use.  

Our services cover gold plating, rhodium plating and black rhodium, silver plating and everything in between, we give a single-source solution to all your metal plating needs.

 In spite of this, Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London is also committed to helping our customers with the plating process to ensure that they know exactly what they will receive after the process.


Plating Experience

We strongly believe that our long-lasting success is based on providing our customers with a predictably good and regular level of quality that will not just meet but also go beyond their expectations Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London assures that our qualified staff of plating and polishing carry out projects professionally.

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London offers our customers the best plating and polishing services. Our company is well-equipped with the best and newest technology, and we’re continuously upgrading our capability and equipment to meet all your needs. 

  Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London also takes advantage of it’s vast knowledge of older techniques and experience when carrying out plating and polishing projects.  


Details of Polishing & Plating Services

Plating Services

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London provides different types of plating service to the jewellery and craft industry:

  • Gold Plating
  • Hard Gold Plating
  • Colour gilding
  • Gilding
  • Black Rhodium Plating
  • White Rhodium Plating
  • Silver Plating
  • Rose Gold Plating

Polishing Services

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London provides different types of polishing services.

  • Silver Polishing
  • White Gold Polishing
  • All types of jewellery polishing
  • All types of silversmithing polishing

Strap Repair & Customised


Watch Cases And Pocket Watches

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restorations London also provides watch case and pocket watch repairs.  This service includes repairs such as watch plating, watch strap repair and watch case repair or restoration.

Polish ,Gold Plating, Case Back  Restoration, Laser Welding  ,Repair Lugs

Our Hatton Garden workshop can repair any watch case, strap, branded bracelet repairs stainless steel, gold or silver


We Value The Quality of Hand Made Pieces

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London specialises in making exquisite hand-made leather watch straps.  Designs range from simple to the most intricate leather skins such as cow, goat, sheep and reptile. These leather straps will be appreciated by leather enthusiasts from all over the world.  We have created some unique and trend driven watch straps for customers.


Made To Measure

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London will offer you an extraordinary choice of leathers from global tanneries with different colours and thickness. Our value our reputation and high level of service and our goal is to serve our customers well.  

A Bit Of History

Old Mine Cut Or Bolshevik Diamonds

Jewellery Watch Repairs and Restoration London relish in sharing knowledge on jewellery history and jewellery antiques.

One of the best quality old mine cut diamonds is a Bolshevik diamond.  An old mine cut brilliant or Bolshevik is basically like a modern brilliant diamond but with different proportions. Normally it has one more facet then a modern brilliant. A modern brilliant diamond ends in a sharp point which is called "the culet".   The first brilliant cuts were go as far back as the middle of the 17th century and these were known as Mazarins.  Mazarins had 17 facets on the crown (upper half). They are also called double-cut brilliants as they are seen as a step up from old single cuts.  Vincent Peruzzi who was a Venetian polisher managed to increase the number of crown facets from 17 to 33 (triple-cut or Peruzzi brilliants).  Therefore this increased the fire and brilliance of the stones.  Bruiting process had not been developed at that time and therefore the early brilliant stones were all round squares or rectangles in a cross-section (rather than circular). Cushion cut stones were quite common by the early 18th century. It wasn't a bit later until the shallower pavilion with a more rounded shape, and different.  The 'triple cut' was introduced in Brazil soon after diamonds were discovered there.  The girdle is cushion-shaped and there are 32 facets on the crown plus an octagonal table, and 24 facets on the pavilion plus the culet. The 'Brazilian cut' has a similar crown but 8 additional small facets surrounding the culet.

Art Nouveau jewellery (1880-1905)

At Jewellery Watch Reapairs and Restoration London we like to refresh memories.

Art Nouveau can be described as the style of decoration from the 1890s and early 1900s.  The name also derived from a gallery for interior decoration opened by Samuel Bing in Paris in 1896, which was called the "Maison de l'Art Nouveau". It was introduced in England around 1890, and was pretty much the product of the movement started by William Morris and the pre-Raphaelites and this spread to the Continent and America. This movement came to an end with the outbreak of World War I.

The Art Nouveau style in Germany was called Jugendstil.  This name was derived from a magazine called Die Jugend (The Youth), in Holland Slaoliestijl (salad oil style) after an advertising for salad oil and in Italy Floreale or Stile Liberty (after the London store that featured it).  This style was applicable to all the decorative arts and it was adapted and applied to jewellery in England and the Continent. Art Nouveau style jewellery was the outcome of a revolt against the rigid and formal styles of the previously mass-produced wares and a philosophy that sought to revive the craft movement and aestheticism in art. It was also a call for uniqueness.  The main elements of this jewellery style included free-flowing, curving lines with asymmetrical natural motifs, such as human female faces, greatly influenced by Japanese art. This style was also renowned for using gemstones to emphasise and dramatise their beauty, preferring pearls and cabochon opals and moonstones rather than faceted stones, and featured colourful enamelling. The different types of art nouveau jewellery pieces included pendants, necklaces and elaborate hair ornaments. Eventually its own extravagances led to its demise in around 1910-1914.  This style was adopted in France by Rene Lalique, Maison Vever, George Fouquet and Lucien Gaillard; in Belgium Philippe Wolfers and in Vienna Josef Hoffman. In England the leaders were Charles R.Ashbee and Henry Wilson and in Scotland Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Fabergé, (Peter) Carl (1846-1920)

Faberge was renowned for his artistic and distinct designs in gold, enamelling, and gemstones  What he is best known for is his bejewelled eggs made in 1884 as Easter gifts from the Tsar to the Tsarina.  Born in St Petersburg and later he studied at several European cities.  After his studies he joined the jewellery firm that his father Gustav (1814-81) started in 1842.  When his father retired in 1870 he took over the jewellery business together with his brother Agathon.  His sons Eugène and Alexander were to later join him as part of the business.

Fabergé achieved international recognition and success after the Paris Exposition of 1900 and was commissioned to create pieces for the Russian court, for Edward VII, and for other European royalty.  Other branches of his business were opened in London and other global locations and he found that his business grew to employ over 500 craftsmen.

Even though Fabergé designed some of the work he was not in fact a goldsmith or a skilled enamel craftsman.  Instead he excelled in supervising the creation of the pieces which required the most meticulous craftsmanship and controlled the selection of the types of stones, enamelling, and settings. Every type of piece was carried out in a specialised workshop, and many of the pieces were signed with the marks of the individual craftsman.  This included the Easter eggs which were created by Michael Perchin and later Henrik Wigström.  The jewellery pieces were crafted by Alfred Thielemann and later August Holmström.  The jewellery pieces were mainly objects of vert which included carved animals and jewelled flowers in vases, as well as useful objects like frames, boxes and clocks.  Fabergé also produced a small amount of jewellery mainly conventional pieces like tie pins and cuff-links and he is reknowned for the precision of their settings.  He specialised in the varied use of enamels like application in plique à jour enamel and tour à guillocher.  He also created articles in metal of different colours, and a different types of gemstones (often rose-cut diamonds and coloured stones cut en cabochon).

Faberge had a factory that closed after the Revolution of 1918 and he escaped to Switzerland.


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